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Just Fit Fires

29 - Jul - 2014

We specialise in the installation of internet purchased Fireplaces and Stoves. CORGI and HETAS registered Fireplace Fitters covering London and the South East.


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Aga with Twin wall installation

"Fitting your internet purchased Fireplaces and Stoves"

We cover London and South East

Just Fit Fires realise that more and more people are turning to the internet to purchase their fireplaces. The internet offers fireplaces at a fraction of high street prices but with this you lose the personal touch and often it's hard to find a reputable, suitably qualified fireplace fitter.

Here at Just Fit Fires we offer independent CORGI and HETAS registered installers that can guarantee you peace of mind. We ensure the experience when purchasing your fire online is met with the personal installation service that you would expect from the high street.

Just Fit Fires are based in Northwood, North West London, which borders Hertfordshire. Covering the whole of London and the home counties, we offer a comprehensive fireplace fitting service, including stove installation and flue lining.

Call for a free home survey.

Free Phone: 0800 292 2462

Fitter Direct: 07725 214 051



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